APEX SOLAR makes its European debut, shining at Intersolar Europe 2023


Intersolar Europe 2023 was held at the Munich International Exhibition Center in Germany from June 14th to 16th. APEX SOLAR showcased its impressive range of photovoltaic modules, energy storage inverters, lithium batteries, and energy storage solar products. Notably, this marked the first exhibition of APEX SOLAR’s energy storage solar products in the European market, and they were highly favored by customers for their outstanding performance, becoming a highlight of the exhibition hall.


Intersolar Europe, held in Munich, Germany, is the largest and most influential professional exhibition and trade fair for solar photovoltaic in Europe, with a history of over 20 years. APEX SOLAR showcased several products at this year’s exhibition, including the APEX Flexible Module 375W, N-type TOPCon 585W, and the high-efficiency all-black N-type TOPCon 430W module.

APEX Flexible Modules, designed specifically for distributed applications, boast a module thickness of 3mm, a bending radius of 0.5m, a unique frameless design, and a remarkably low module weight of as little as 3.27kg/m² (approximately 30% of conventional PV modules). They also feature innovative configurations tailored for various distributed application scenarios.


Among them, the APEX Flexible All-Black Perforated Module showcases a sleek and minimalist design, with a fully black appearance. It incorporates a distinctive product layout that allows for installation using both adhesive methods commonly employed and through-hole mounting with bolts and rivets. This significantly enhances stability and convenience in various deployment scenarios.

N-type TOPCon all-black modules, as one of APEX SOLAR’s flagship products overseas, have always been highly recognized by international customers. The modules feature a completely black front surface with no busbars or solder strips, achieving a visually seamless appearance. They are capable of creating personalized and distinctive rooftops, and their high power output, aesthetic appeal, and reliability have attracted numerous inquiries from European customers.

The N-TOPCon high-efficiency photovoltaic modules represent the next generation of efficient technology, catering to both distributed and centralized applications. They utilize multi-busbar half-cell technology and incorporate the 182 mm large silicon wafer TOPCon technology. With a maximum efficiency of 22.54%, these modules offer customers enhanced value and performance.


APEX SOLAR is a global provider of intelligent energy solutions, consistently focusing on a strategy of global expansion. As of now, APEX SOLAR has established overseas offices in over 10 countries and regions, including the Netherlands, Germany, the United States, Pakistan, Italy, Myanmar, the Czech Republic, and Brazil. Moving forward, the company will continue to dedicate itself to creating sustained value for global customers through collaborative partnerships and resource integration. It aims to accelerate the global green energy transformation and upgrade.

APEX Solar

APEX Solar introduction:

Solar power generation, made simple.

The founding team of our company entered the solar industry in 2013, and after 8 years of dedicated work, we have established a strong presence in the upstream supply chain of the photovoltaic industry. In 2020, APEX SOLAR set its strategic goal centered around distributed generation and built the organizational structure accordingly. In less than a year, APEX SOLAR emerged as a prominent player in the distributed market, becoming a well-known brand in the domestic arena.

We have a comprehensive setup, including a supply chain company, a manufacturing facility, a project engineering company, and an asset management company, with a workforce of over 300 employees. Our annual production value exceeds 1.5 billion, consistently maintaining a growth rate of over 50% each year.

Under the great national mission of carbon neutrality by 2060, APEX SOLAR will continue to explore and provide comprehensive clean energy solutions to our customers. We aim to help small and medium-sized enterprises reap the benefits of clean energy.