APEX SOLAR Worldwide Releases New N-Type TOPCon Series Module

Recently, Apex Solar Energy Technology GmbH, a leading global solar product manufacturer, released a new solar PV module series – N-type TOPCon module, which adopts N-type high-efficiency cells, stacked with passivated contacts, ultra-fine multi-primary grids, high-density packaging and other The innovative technology expands the new space for the development of high-efficiency photovoltaic modules.


In recent years, the conversion rate of photovoltaic cells has gradually increased, and the current mainstream PERC cell conversion rate is close to the theoretical efficiency limit of 24.5% for P-type cells. N-type TOPCon cells have become an important development direction for high-efficiency crystalline silicon cells due to their higher conversion efficiency, as well as their excellent performance in high bifacial rate, no light decay, good low light effect, low temperature coefficient, etc.

Heran New Energy’s newly released N-type TOPCon series modules use 182mm N-type high-efficiency cells, with a mass-produced module conversion efficiency of 22.5% and a power of 580W, which can bring a lower cost of electricity for distributed PV projects and large ground power plants, and a breakthrough in module efficiency and power generation.

Compared with traditional modules, APEX SOLAR N-type TOPCon series modules are superior in reliability, bifacial rate, temperature coefficient and other dimensions through the support of innovative technologies such as passivated contacts, ultra-fine multiple main grids and high-density packaging. According to the measurement, the series module has a first-year attenuation ≤1%, linear attenuation ≤0.4%/year, and bifacial rate up to 85%. Based on APEX SOLAR’s latest cell technology and manufacturing process, the module has a better power temperature coefficient with better light decay resistance and low light performance.

“Given its superior load and excellent stability, we have extended the warranty on the N-type TOPCon series modules to 30 years, well above the prevailing market standard.” The N-type TOPCon series modules are available in a wide range of sizes to meet different application requirements, in addition to demonstrating great value in terms of BOS cost savings, helping to improve customers’ return on investment.

Meanwhile, this series of modules is now in full production, and the module production capacity is expected to reach 4GW by the end of 2023, ensuring sufficient and stable supply. With the expansion of N-type TOPCon module production capacity layout, APEX SOLAR will continue to develop and sell PV modules with high conversion efficiency and high quality to meet different types of market demand and explore a better path for the innovative development of the PV industry.