APEX Balkonkraftwerk 800W

€ 980,00 EUR

Up to 800 kWh of electricity yield per year
Up to €260 cost savings per year
Up to 330 kg CO2 savings per year

>4x APEX-FLEX-250W superlight solar modules in full black (frameless) with 250+ wat peak each & the latest ULTRAtechCOMPOSITE material (IEC CERTIFIED)
>Color: Full black
> APsystems EZ1-M inverter with wi-Fi possible up to 800w (free of charge for our customers
>41 x fastening straps (20mm*250mm)
>1x connection cable (5m Schuko cable)
  5 x extension cables (solar module to inverter)
>Each solar module weighs only 4.9kg
>Dimensions of each solar module: 1200mm(L)*1160 mm(w)

Introducing Apex Solar Power System

2@4x 8 1
3@4x 8
21@4x 87
23@4x 87

23% high solar conversion rate

Our advanced, flexible solar panels with a conversion efficiency of 23% generate an average of 3 kWh/day.
They offer a simple, stylish solution for the efficient production of green energy.

24@4x 87 1

12-year guarantee

APEX balcony power plants come with a 12-year guarantee, giving you complete peace of mind.
We guarantee the quality and durability of our products and offer you long-term security and support.


What’s in the box

Balcony Solar Packaging


IEC certification

Installation instructions and data sheets


APsystems Microinverter EZ1-S EZ1-M For EMEA Datasheet

English version – Flexible Balcony Solutions – Details Page

German version – Flexible Balcony Solutions – Detail Page


As long as your home has enough sun exposure and space, you can install the system. Before purchasing, check the latest local regulations and your energy supplier regarding restrictions on solar balcony systems.

Excess electricity that’s not stored goes back into the grid. Your local utility will not compensate you for this, and your meter will not go backwards. Contact your utility for more information.

Solar Balcony is built with weather-resistant material like a glass top, carbon steel base, and cast iron micro inverter. However, if a thunderstorm, hail storm, or wind storm occurs, please temporarily move the Solar Balcony inside.

Yes, the system has received these certifications:

  • EN 62109-1/-2;
  • EN 61000-1/-2/-3/-4;
  • EN 50549-1;
  • DIN V VDE V 0126-1-1;
  • VFR; UTE C15-712-1;
  • CEI 0-21;
  • UNE 217002;
  • NTS;
  • RD647;
  • VDE-AR-N 4105

You have 14 days to return or exchange products without giving a reason. Customers will pay for delivery costs.